Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nerves and Excitement and Failure OH MY!

T minus about a day and a half until I completely regret signing up for NaNoWriMo.

I sat down last night (or during the day when I needed a break from working) and brainstormed some ideas. Which mostly turned into me reminiscing about past ideas I have written about but never gotten around to finishing. None of them LEAPT at me though.

I think I might end up sitting down at the computer Nov 1st, closing my eyes, cracking my knuckles, taking a deep breath in and praying to every God/Goddess that has ever existed to PRETTY PLEASE put some shit into my head.

Unfortunately that's only my first issue.

The second issue I have is my ability to follow through. Never been a strong suit for me. I'm great at starting with ideas (once they appear) but I have never completed a written piece of work. I came close. Once. But then my creative writing class ended and I hid it on a shelf somewhere.

I'll have to figure out a way to keep the juices flowing, or at least a way to keep me trying to keep the juices flowing. Rewards? Penalty system? Detention?

We'll see. I think I will start to deal with my first issue, by finding a character who I love and need to write about. That seems easier to me than thinking up a whole plot. If I find the character, they can help me tell their story. Hopefully.

The second issue, from what I read, will hit me at about the two week mark when I will be banging my head against the wall and wishing I could drop out. But I can't. I've told to many people.

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