Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Better Myself In 2015 - Part 1

As promised, I have dug into the depths of my soul and pulled out some goals I would like to accomplish this year. I had a hard time narrowing them down, but I think most of them are just subcategories of major ones (is that cheating?). Below are the first 2. I ramble a lot so I figured I'd split them up. (Also I didn't plan this well enough so my other goals aren't fully flushed out ;) 

1. Write More
From an early age, when people asked me to define myself, the word that always came out of my mouth was "writer". I'm a words person. Every day I have ideas spinning around in my head that never make it to paper, or ideas that make it to paper but never get finished. My goal this year is to write as much as I possibly can. This will probably include building a schedule since I suck at discipline.

Fun fact: Contributing to this goal is the phrase "You promised me a published piece of work before I die" that my father casually throws at me when I haven't written in awhile.

2. Take better care of myself
This falls into two main categories: health and stress management. Both are huge factors in me maintaining a certain level of happiness (which has been a bit off lately).

The health side gets broken down into two main subcategories: eat better and exercise regularly. I'm sure you hear this from a lot of people, but I'm working towards it. Mostly I'm just lazy so I sit on the couch and I eat fastfood (like how much of North America?). I've already joined a gym. Check. I have a best friend/personal trainer making me go. Check. Now all I have to do is starting eating better, which does kind of happen after you start exercising. You start to WANT to eat the salad instead of the fries. Eating better, for me, comes down to planning. I am a horrible on-the-spot chef, so I need to plan my meals to make sure I know what I have.

The stress management part of all of this will be hard for me. I am the first person to admit that I am high strung. I like routine and I like plans and when shit doesn't go according to plan it stresses me out. Then I stress out about stressing out because stressing out about stressing out is stupid. On and on. I also don't know how to say no to people, which adds unnecessary stress to myself. The solutions here: learning to stand up for myself and learning meditation.

So those are the first two goals. I guess because they were the first to make themselves known, I'll consider them the most important. 

Stay tuned next week for part 2. And feel free to post your goals as we go! 

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