Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Week's Addiction

I am the very first to admit that I tend to become obsessed with things very easily. From paper, to shoes, to bands to fashion, if I find something I love I can spend a good two weeks Googling/ purchasing / fantasizing about it.

So this week I thought I would share my current addiction, which even I admit is a weird one: Planners.

That's right, planners. I've been watching videos, following blogs, looking up different planners on the internet. Anything I can do to look at a planner, I am doing. Thankfully I know myself well enough to stay away from any stores that sell planners right now.

I currently have two planners; one for work and one for personal. Both are moleskine. My work one is a bright yellow graph notebook (which I can not find at Chapters anymore except in black) and one is the Evernote notebook. I love the moleskine, although I am starting to wonder if I could find something a little better.

Since this addiction has started, I've seen a lot of people with Filofax types of planners, and I am wondering if that might be a bit better. The moleskine is great for having at work, but I often find my personal one gets left out. I've started to wonder if it would be easier to combine them into one, which I would prefer a ring binder for.

So, those of you have a planner addiction, which types of binders/notebooks do you tend to gravitate towards? And how do you set them up?


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