Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Motivation Frustration

I'm a little...deflated this week.

I have a notebook (the black Moleskine Evernote) that I keep all my blog ideas in. From what widgets I should add, to idea posts, to things I need to think about updating. The problem I am finding is that no matter how much I write in that notebook, I don't seem to be doing very much of it.

I will admit that part of the reason is because I'm a little torn. I have this blog, and a book review blog that I previously ran on wordpress but didn't end up keeping up with (lack of motivation all in itself). The book review blog was fun and I thought it was a great idea, but I started it on a whim and couldn't keep up. The issue I had with it is that it is very limiting. I can't necessarily start posting about the soaps I made last week.

With this blog, I have a lot more free reign. I can post whatever the hell I choose to share (like my lack of motivation!) and it's a great way to let the creative juices flow. The downside to this blog is, I don't have a clear focus of where I want it to go. What is the point of this blog?

So my lack of motivation comes from not knowing where to start. Do I continue this blog, or switch back to my review blog? And if I continue with this blog, what is my plan for it?

All great questions that I need to seriously start thinking about. I should start working more on this and less on watching Grey's Anatomy.

Has anyone struggled with this conundrum when they first started out?


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